Donations….really? Did she just ask? YES

Most of you don’t know my story or anything about me…but here goes the basics. I am a single mother striving through this life that seems hell bent on bringing us all down. Its about money, looking Fab, getting the best looking spouse, way to many broken families, people who are all about themselves, that think that if THEY aren’t getting there way then they move on. People no longer look out for each other only themselves.

I am a dreamer, I don’t want to look perfect, I don’t need the best looking husband just the one that thinks I am the best, I want to love my neighbor and help whoever I can. I donate to any cause I feel does it for the better of mankind.

I am a parent who thinks her childs education is important enough to make every sacrifice whatever it takes.

I am the women who presses on with a broken heart and believes in love and romance.

I am the person who has been through hell even passed by the devil and ran as fast as I could to God. .

I am the one every body counted out and said wouldn’t amount to much and as I tell my story, my testimony, I am healed by all the people who are proud of what I have done.

I am the women who lay on a floor wishing to die and stands here today making the best of herself.

I am the one who works full time, goes to school full time and manages her household ALL by myself but would love to share it someday, But I know I am strong enough to do it.

I am a mother who isn’t afraid of disapline her child, and knows its good for her to lose every once in awhile. Isn’t afraid of her hating or loving my choice to raise her with morals, respect and to get a good education. Remembering that right now she doesn’t know what is best for her, its my job to teach her to make those decisions later on.

So as I tell my story, its in the middle of a great chapter. I have accomplished more than anyone every thought but always knew I could. I am headed to the top and taking love with me!!! I have amazing people around me, I have a wonderful daughter, a crazy but great family, and my dog. I have Jesus and that’s enough for me.

In light of all this…why am I telling you this about myself?? Well I am in the processing of buying my first home..well townhome. I am so happy to be able to have a little something that’s mine. I need all the help I can to move and the church said I should ask people to donate…really are you crazy?? Ask for donations for myself? BUT I am the one who donates? The reply was overwhelming that it was my turn to ask for help, I spent my days helping others and right now I need the help.

So this is my story and it will have a happy ending even if a few chapters sound like a horror movie…God’s has an amazing plan for me and I am just asking if you would mind helping out?

Thanks for listening, spreading the word, and all the encouragement and as I nervously end this blog I am hoping no one see’s this as a ploy, a selfish act, or lame, a pity part, its just me asking for help because my goal in life is to help as many as possible and spread love in hopes of reversing this crazy worlds way of thinking@!

Donates are being accepted of any kind at (email address

What in the world….

I think it’s such a tragedy these days that we don’t give our kids enough credit. We make excuses for why they can’t excel, tell its ok not to push your self, we don’t teach win vs loss anymore because its not fair. I really believe this is the demise of this nation. Fun has become more important then school, not teaching them to work for everything….people are actually complaining that the FREE public education is wanting to add hours to the school day. Because its to hard for kids…give our children some credit. Given the chance, discipline and lil nudge to strive for excellence and understanding of defeat and watch them soar. Kids can do so much more then many give them credit for.

The “Holiday” Season

I find it funny that every year we the people complain about how commercialized the Holidays have become. We now have stores open Thanksgiving evening and black friday is like the mosh pits of shopping. BUT aren’t we to blame???…we talk about society like we aren’t apart of it. If you don’t want the holidays so commercialized then stop buying so much crap and feeling like you have to top the “jones” every year…WE have the power the stores, industry are just profiting on what we say we want…and then we blame them COME ON!!!

I think we have also gotten to far away from what holiday’s actually mean. Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate the pilgrams and indians coming together (in short) but we see it as a great day to see who can have the biggest meal and the Christmas tree up first. Really I kinda like just spending time with my loved ones, I wouldn’t really care if we just ate cereal.
Also the Christmas issue…I am just going to put it out there…SINCE when did we feel we need to hide the reason we celebrate Christmas with Santa, reindeer, gifts and Christmas trees? Since when did we have to say HOliday instead of CHRISTMAS. I don’t say happy holidays to my Jewish friends, I say Happy Hanukkah. Those things should be extra’s not the reason. ITS CHRISTMAS BECAUSE ITS THE DAY JESUS WAS BORN!!! If you don’t believe then don’t celebrate its really that easy. Just like me I am not Jewish but I don’t change their holiday’s I just don’t practice Hanukkah. If your not Christian and don’t believe in Christmas (the real reason) then its just another day to you, but I will celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus its ok if you don’t want to but don’t act like you deserve to have it off from work or school or that you need to rush out and buy presents for a holiday that doesn’t even pertain to you. We get Winter break at school but it orginally started out as CHRISTMAS break but since not everyone believed in it, we had to change it. I have an idea…lets just get of Winter break because I don’t like WINTER! Why give our kids a break they don’t need to celebrate a holiday we can’t mention in the schools?? THink about it!

GET REAL people no one says you have to celebrate anything you don’t believe in. Celebrate what you do believe in, for the real reason not because a huge retailer says its time to buy presents to put under a tree and celebrate a holiday that is a Christian hoiday. Its the same as people who don’t believe in Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Kawanza, Hanukkah, Birthdays etc…its your choice but when are we as Americans going to get off our lazy butts and change things ourselves? or are you waiting for someone else or the government to do it???? Come on reality is we are the reason things like the holiday’s are the way they are…if you want to get back to less commercialized holidays and more about family, friends and helping others then do it otherwise its all an act for good measure!!!

Its time to put the blame where it belongs on you! and me and you over there and yes even you! this isn’t the retailers, government, other peoples fault its our own..claim it own it and change it if you don’t like it or shut up and quiet complaining you have shopping to do, the jones just bought a yacht!!!

Calling all Christian’s….yep even me!

Wither you are a new Christian or been around for years to the beliefs of all Christians, you know that the single most important thing to learn about it, is the Bible. It doesn’t really matter if you read NIV, KJV, NKJV or the many others. You know what the word SIN means, and about Heaven and Hell and everything in between, and yes even myself. Thats what started this blog….why is it as Christians we set the worst example???

I have found some of the biggest hypocrites in today’s society when it comes to Christians, saying we should come to the modern age…..ahhhhh hold on a moment???? Everything in the Bible that teaches about how we should act, what we should do, how we should do things, and learn more about Jesus doesn’t change just because we now can type on our Ipads and talk into our cell phones like their human…what happened here?

Personally I think the Devil’s got ahold of the Christian people. Since when was SIN better than another?? I hear women/men saying they would never cheat on their spouse but bad mouth their mother in law. They sit in church and then drink and go home and make their families afraid of them with their unkind words and actions.  Their addicted to porn, lust and all that but then turn around and say if someone looked at my daughter like that…ahhh hello that is someones daughter. The Devil has us believing that its ok to bend the rules for modern society and that is the worst thinking of any Christian. I have read that sex outside of marriage is a no-no but then that didn’t work out and I used the excuse that the pressure around me got to me….WOW I must not have much control to let a few high schoolers of my day persuade me to something against my own values?

A SIN IS A SIN, if you rob a bank or gossip about your boss it doesn’t matter. IN my personal life I go to church on Sunday and scream at my child on Monday….I don’t do all things in love, I am not a very forgiving person, but hey I have the bumper sticker….wooohooo I am forgiven for acting like an ass…RIGHT?

What it really means is that me and MANY MANY other Christians abuse the system. If it’s truly a mistake ok its forgiven, yes we are human it will happen. BUT like my mom told me…anything done the first time can be considered a mistake but  doing it anytime after that is a choice…so Whats your choice as a Christian? To continue your life going to church and “Acting” or making a difference? Even if it’s just to you family at home?  People think they have to do these huge massive things to make a difference being a Christian but sometimes God’s only calling maybe for you to raise up Christian Children, or bring families (like your own) back together.

We as Christians have to rise above this world….we are not of this we live in this world!!!!  Divorce, families, education, violence and the DEVIL are all running amuck because we are afraid people might think we are Bible pushers or different…WE ARE!!!!!!!!! Since when did we become afraid of giving people a reason to walk the Earth? Since when was it wrong to try to save your friends and family? Would it be a shame if we believed in marriage and family?

We have to remember our calling is a higher God and not of the bosses, car that cut us off, the significant other we cursed out, that guy that is just a jerk, the boss you talk crap about but are nice to his face, we are whats wrong with Christians. Only about a quarter of all Christians that claim to be Christians actually act like one…and if you’re using the excuse you are forgiven, you are correct BUT just like every good Father you will get punished for making the same bad decision over and over again. That’s His job, He love us and always will. This world will fade but God never will…isn’t that what you learned so why are we so afraid to scream out His name and be PROUD to be Christian?

So here is the true question…. are you only a “good time” Christian or are you a “die-hard”???…if  you hide behind your cross necklace and bumper sticker as you yell at your wife and kids and say they deserve it….you may need to think again. If you are always bragging, gossiping, having sex and not married, telling lies, stealing, and not bringing your family the good news….then your not a die-hard and I know for myself I want to be a “die-hard” not a “good time” Christian, I don’t want to just look like a Christian I want to be a Christian and I DON”T CARE WHO IT OFFENDS I SAY GOD BLESS AND I’LL BE PRAYING FOR YOU!

Many times we think killers, thieves, gangs, porn, and other violent/lustful/wrong things are the worst things out there, BUT I think that a Christian who doesn’t live what s/he preachers or who lives in the selfishness that s/he is all forgiven so oh well, is WORST!!!!

This post may seem harsh but the truth is I just want us as Christians to be the messagengers they should be, I am speaking to myself also. I am not being harsh or cruel it’s just the truth and I for one want Christians to be the Love, Happiness, Peach, Kindness, Truth, Educated, wonderful people of the world but we need a wake up call! God Will give us all the blessings so why are we looking to this world for something only God can give us?

A Love Dare!

Starting today I am daring all of you to be kinder then you should, more loving to everyone we meet. Speak up for those who can’t, get help for those who won’t help themselves. I dare you to smile, opens doors, talk about the good in people and STOP crap talking. Pray for everyone you can and let them pray for you. If you need help in any way reach out AND if someone reaches out …Take there hand and help. This world doesn’t need more laws it needs a village!!

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My Little Rant

Okay I am sorry but I have to say something. I have been listening to all these people blaming politicians, the President and everyone else for America’s issues. YES they do have something to do with it but WE as Americans have to take a lot of the fault the way this country and our lives are. We 1st off need to stop giving them so much power since when did a few people have more power than millio

n’s of Americans? They don’t we just have the wrong priorities and give it to them.
We would rather spend $500.00 a month on a car payment but won’t spend $500.00 a month to give our kids to a better school. We will stand in line for a midnight screening of Twilight but don’t have time attend a School board meeting. A mansion in 1908 is considered a dump today (its not big enough) We will buy our kids a $600.00 tablet then complain that a dental bill cost $200.00. We complain about everything yet sit and spend our time and money on useless things because we are tired, we work to hard…. yet most other countries work harder for less. We are busy playing our PS3 instead of taking time to make a difference anywhere. Our kids need to have fun, we push them to hard, instead of learning to be a good person. We get so mad when our kids miss school yet we will take them out to go on vacation? We use technology to be a good friend instead of showing up on their house. Will spend $50.00 a month on our nails and feet but $50.00 a month for water is ridiculous. We don’t want to help our neighbor because they never help us. We don’t send kids to college because we can’t afford it but drive around in a $40000 car and live in a $200,000 house. The cost of living has increased because we as people are demanding bigger, better and more more more. Maybe just maybe if we were more content with less, extended our hands out right here in America and didn’t buy something just to play on and spent the money paying our bills. Maybe if we lived on less so many families wouldn’t be in crisis right now. Maybe their would be so many divorces and broken homes if people weren’t so stressed out for the need to keep up in this world, if they were just hard working had a home, a car and things that were necessary. That played with their kids instead of bought them everything. There are many things in life that are free but no one thinks those are fun anymore. Now I know you will say that is you, that its everyone else but really???? I have to say even I am guilty as charged so look in a mirror and decide if your going to let the blame fall where it belongs or blame others, the government or anyone else?

All New !!!

I love to write, I am passionate to a fault. I love more than I should but not as much as I should. I love God, I Love my family and I Love living in the US. I have battled depression, I have lived a great life and everything in between. I am not much different from any other person except that my life leads me through different turns. I started this blog so that I can write when I feel like it and what I feel like. It may seem random to others but it will all make since, The blog will make you laugh, make you cry and make you think I am crazy.


I am excited to get started and see where this takes me!!!


Just me hanging around!

My Place to Write about the world

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