The “Holiday” Season

I find it funny that every year we the people complain about how commercialized the Holidays have become. We now have stores open Thanksgiving evening and black friday is like the mosh pits of shopping. BUT aren’t we to blame???…we talk about society like we aren’t apart of it. If you don’t want the holidays so commercialized then stop buying so much crap and feeling like you have to top the “jones” every year…WE have the power the stores, industry are just profiting on what we say we want…and then we blame them COME ON!!!

I think we have also gotten to far away from what holiday’s actually mean. Thanksgiving is a holiday to celebrate the pilgrams and indians coming together (in short) but we see it as a great day to see who can have the biggest meal and the Christmas tree up first. Really I kinda like just spending time with my loved ones, I wouldn’t really care if we just ate cereal.
Also the Christmas issue…I am just going to put it out there…SINCE when did we feel we need to hide the reason we celebrate Christmas with Santa, reindeer, gifts and Christmas trees? Since when did we have to say HOliday instead of CHRISTMAS. I don’t say happy holidays to my Jewish friends, I say Happy Hanukkah. Those things should be extra’s not the reason. ITS CHRISTMAS BECAUSE ITS THE DAY JESUS WAS BORN!!! If you don’t believe then don’t celebrate its really that easy. Just like me I am not Jewish but I don’t change their holiday’s I just don’t practice Hanukkah. If your not Christian and don’t believe in Christmas (the real reason) then its just another day to you, but I will celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus its ok if you don’t want to but don’t act like you deserve to have it off from work or school or that you need to rush out and buy presents for a holiday that doesn’t even pertain to you. We get Winter break at school but it orginally started out as CHRISTMAS break but since not everyone believed in it, we had to change it. I have an idea…lets just get of Winter break because I don’t like WINTER! Why give our kids a break they don’t need to celebrate a holiday we can’t mention in the schools?? THink about it!

GET REAL people no one says you have to celebrate anything you don’t believe in. Celebrate what you do believe in, for the real reason not because a huge retailer says its time to buy presents to put under a tree and celebrate a holiday that is a Christian hoiday. Its the same as people who don’t believe in Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Kawanza, Hanukkah, Birthdays etc…its your choice but when are we as Americans going to get off our lazy butts and change things ourselves? or are you waiting for someone else or the government to do it???? Come on reality is we are the reason things like the holiday’s are the way they are…if you want to get back to less commercialized holidays and more about family, friends and helping others then do it otherwise its all an act for good measure!!!

Its time to put the blame where it belongs on you! and me and you over there and yes even you! this isn’t the retailers, government, other peoples fault its our own..claim it own it and change it if you don’t like it or shut up and quiet complaining you have shopping to do, the jones just bought a yacht!!!