Donations….really? Did she just ask? YES

Most of you don’t know my story or anything about me…but here goes the basics. I am a single mother striving through this life that seems hell bent on bringing us all down. Its about money, looking Fab, getting the best looking spouse, way to many broken families, people who are all about themselves, that think that if THEY aren’t getting there way then they move on. People no longer look out for each other only themselves.

I am a dreamer, I don’t want to look perfect, I don’t need the best looking husband just the one that thinks I am the best, I want to love my neighbor and help whoever I can. I donate to any cause I feel does it for the better of mankind.

I am a parent who thinks her childs education is important enough to make every sacrifice whatever it takes.

I am the women who presses on with a broken heart and believes in love and romance.

I am the person who has been through hell even passed by the devil and ran as fast as I could to God. .

I am the one every body counted out and said wouldn’t amount to much and as I tell my story, my testimony, I am healed by all the people who are proud of what I have done.

I am the women who lay on a floor wishing to die and stands here today making the best of herself.

I am the one who works full time, goes to school full time and manages her household ALL by myself but would love to share it someday, But I know I am strong enough to do it.

I am a mother who isn’t afraid of disapline her child, and knows its good for her to lose every once in awhile. Isn’t afraid of her hating or loving my choice to raise her with morals, respect and to get a good education. Remembering that right now she doesn’t know what is best for her, its my job to teach her to make those decisions later on.

So as I tell my story, its in the middle of a great chapter. I have accomplished more than anyone every thought but always knew I could. I am headed to the top and taking love with me!!! I have amazing people around me, I have a wonderful daughter, a crazy but great family, and my dog. I have Jesus and that’s enough for me.

In light of all this…why am I telling you this about myself?? Well I am in the processing of buying my first home..well townhome. I am so happy to be able to have a little something that’s mine. I need all the help I can to move and the church said I should ask people to donate…really are you crazy?? Ask for donations for myself? BUT I am the one who donates? The reply was overwhelming that it was my turn to ask for help, I spent my days helping others and right now I need the help.

So this is my story and it will have a happy ending even if a few chapters sound like a horror movie…God’s has an amazing plan for me and I am just asking if you would mind helping out?

Thanks for listening, spreading the word, and all the encouragement and as I nervously end this blog I am hoping no one see’s this as a ploy, a selfish act, or lame, a pity part, its just me asking for help because my goal in life is to help as many as possible and spread love in hopes of reversing this crazy worlds way of thinking@!

Donates are being accepted of any kind at (email address


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