My Little Rant

Okay I am sorry but I have to say something. I have been listening to all these people blaming politicians, the President and everyone else for America’s issues. YES they do have something to do with it but WE as Americans have to take a lot of the fault the way this country and our lives are. We 1st off need to stop giving them so much power since when did a few people have more power than millio

n’s of Americans? They don’t we just have the wrong priorities and give it to them.
We would rather spend $500.00 a month on a car payment but won’t spend $500.00 a month to give our kids to a better school. We will stand in line for a midnight screening of Twilight but don’t have time attend a School board meeting. A mansion in 1908 is considered a dump today (its not big enough) We will buy our kids a $600.00 tablet then complain that a dental bill cost $200.00. We complain about everything yet sit and spend our time and money on useless things because we are tired, we work to hard…. yet most other countries work harder for less. We are busy playing our PS3 instead of taking time to make a difference anywhere. Our kids need to have fun, we push them to hard, instead of learning to be a good person. We get so mad when our kids miss school yet we will take them out to go on vacation? We use technology to be a good friend instead of showing up on their house. Will spend $50.00 a month on our nails and feet but $50.00 a month for water is ridiculous. We don’t want to help our neighbor because they never help us. We don’t send kids to college because we can’t afford it but drive around in a $40000 car and live in a $200,000 house. The cost of living has increased because we as people are demanding bigger, better and more more more. Maybe just maybe if we were more content with less, extended our hands out right here in America and didn’t buy something just to play on and spent the money paying our bills. Maybe if we lived on less so many families wouldn’t be in crisis right now. Maybe their would be so many divorces and broken homes if people weren’t so stressed out for the need to keep up in this world, if they were just hard working had a home, a car and things that were necessary. That played with their kids instead of bought them everything. There are many things in life that are free but no one thinks those are fun anymore. Now I know you will say that is you, that its everyone else but really???? I have to say even I am guilty as charged so look in a mirror and decide if your going to let the blame fall where it belongs or blame others, the government or anyone else?

All New !!!

I love to write, I am passionate to a fault. I love more than I should but not as much as I should. I love God, I Love my family and I Love living in the US. I have battled depression, I have lived a great life and everything in between. I am not much different from any other person except that my life leads me through different turns. I started this blog so that I can write when I feel like it and what I feel like. It may seem random to others but it will all make since, The blog will make you laugh, make you cry and make you think I am crazy.


I am excited to get started and see where this takes me!!!


Just me hanging around!

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